Our Mission:

To change the world.

One bonus level, dungeon crawl, cheese steak jimmy's, button mash, checkpoint, fast travel, Konami Code, and cut scene at a time!


What We Do

Every two years, Do a Barrel Roll selects a worthy cause for its events and fundraising activities. The environment and sustainability, children and youth, mental health... We don't put an cap on the causes we support! 



We love a game with a good story. As part of our mission, Do a Barrel Roll collects and publishes stories and content on the impact and potential of gaming for driving positive change. Here's the latest.


Theme Specific Programming

Every new theme brings a range of new opportunities for programming. Creating new gamers. Hosting events. Running educational activities. Podcasting. Writing. Do a Barrel Roll understands the critical importance of outreach as part of social good programming. We partner with leading organizations, individuals, and companies to spread out mission of gaming for good. 


Lan Parties

To raise money for exciting initiatives, projects, organizations, causes and charities, we host official Do a Barrel Roll lan parties across the country in interesting and off the beaten path places. Aquariums, breweries, aircraft hangars, museums, you name it! 

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Gaming Marathons

Our signature event is the Toronto International Gaming Marathon, a 24 hour video game bonanza hosted once a year in Toronto, Canada to raise money for a cause or charity! Do you have what it takes?


Our Mission

We leverage the power and community of gaming, from video to board, to drive positive social change in the world around us. Like a gamer with dozens of keybinds, Do a Barrel Roll sees this as an open-world mission, achieved not only by raising money for worthy causes, but building, driving, and deploying solutions ourselves. Games are our Warthog, but there are plenty of ways to get to a Halo ring.

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June 2018

Some of my closest friends came from video games. Years of online interaction before ever meeting in person. It's also been an avenue to keep connected with others. Gaming is a vehicle to create an unwavering community. I'm so excited to leverage that power to drive social good.

- Ben O'Bright, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Do a Barrel Roll


Get Involved

Like the character selection screen for Super Smash Bros, there are tons of great ways to get in the game with Do a Barrel Roll. Join or start an event, volunteer, make a donation, or just keep in touch! 



Want to game with us? Have an idea for a really cool event? Sign up today or send us a note. We can't wait to hear from you!

Volunteer opportunities

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