Our Mission:

To change the world.

One bonus level, dungeon crawl, cheese steak jimmy's, button mash, checkpoint, fast travel, Konami Code, and cut scene at a time!


What We Do

Do a Barrel Roll works to use gaming, from video to live action, as a means of driving positive change in the lives of individuals and their communities. We focus our work on themes of inclusion, belonging, acceptance, community, friendship, and physical and mental well-being. 


We love a game with a good story. As part of our mission, Do a Barrel Roll collects and publishes stories and content on the impact and potential of gaming for driving positive change. Here's the latest.


Narrative Project

Our flagship project works to dispel pervasive, and often negative, perceptions of gaming by collecting and publishing the stories of gamers themselves. We parallel these stories with context articles, helping bring a wider community understanding of gaming as a whole.

If you would like to share your story of how gaming has been an influential force in your life, please get in touch!


She Games

Despite women being 50% of gamers in Canada, they remain significantly underrepresented in professional e-sports, developer studios, networks, and the gaming industry writ large. At Do a Barrel Roll, we’re working to challenge the status quo, to tell the stories of women in gaming, and to build a global network of female gamers, players, icons, and developers. Get in touch to find out more!


Content Ecosystems

At our core, Do a Barrel Roll is a group of storytellers. From the written word to multimedia, Do a Barrel Roll helps you tell your gaming story. We are working with an array of partners to encourage a more proactive, positive, and inclusive global gaming culture and community. Get in touch to join us on this journey!


Our Mission

We leverage the power and community of gaming, from video to board, to drive positive social change in the world around us. Like a gamer with dozens of keybinds, Do a Barrel Roll sees this as an open-world mission, achieved not only by raising money for worthy causes, but building, driving, and deploying solutions ourselves. Games are our Warthog, but there are plenty of ways to get to a Halo ring.


Get Involved

Like the character selection screen for Super Smash Bros, there are tons of great ways to get in the game with Do a Barrel Roll. Join or start an event, volunteer, make a donation, or just keep in touch! 


Volunteer opportunities

Do a Barrel Roll is always looking for new  volunteers to help us with our latest projects or events. Apply using the button below!

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