Our Mission

Those of us at Do a Barrel Roll grew up in the video game era. We can still remember opening boxes and embracing the fresh scent of a new Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, or Gameboy. We love to go and play vintage arcade games or sit down for an afternoon of Settlers of Catan. For our generation and those that came after us, gaming us a ubiquitous part of growing up. 

As we grew older, inevitably, friends found themselves moving to other cities, family dynamics became more difficult, and life seemed to increase in complexity. And yet, despite that, games remained a means of staying connected, of being social. They were an escape from reality, even for a short time. They were a way to heal during troubled times, a way to build community, and a way to discover who we were. 

Do a Barrel Roll's mission is to organize, facilitate, and energize those benefits of gaming. We see it as a medium with immense capacity for driving social good, but one equally bogged down by negative image and sensationalist headlines. We believe that the innate positive power of gaming rests just below the surface and we're dedicated to bringing it to light! 


The Future is Different

"Gaming isn't just on console. It isn't just on tabletops. It isn't just through desktop computers. What I'm excited about is the future of gaming, how it will change the way we see it as a tool for good, rather than a inconsequential pass time. Gaming in the future is outdoors. It's organically social. It's found in stadiums as much as basements. It's a new way to learn languages and skills. We simply can't ignore its potential."

— Ben O'Bright - Executive Director, Do a Barrel Roll


Our Squad


Ben O'Bright

Executive Director -

Ben is a longtime console gamer who got his start playing Age of Empires, Pharaoh, and Starcraft on PC. He is currently the Executive Director of Do a Barrel Roll, a place where he merges his passions of games and non-profits. He's currently obsessed with Fortnite and is a genuine Link superstar on Super Smash Brothers.


Paula LaBrie

Director of Communications and Marketing

Paula is an intuitive marketing and communications leader and a dedicated philanthropist who has been advocating for entrepreneurs and nonprofits since 1997. The evolution of new media  and digital media has greatly influenced and shaped her work. She believes that what wins advocates and what makes a non-profit like DaBR thrive is the passion that drives it.


Lindsey Bacigal

Project Officer - Narrative Project

Lindsey loves games with great stories, and she has taken that love for stories into her work interviewing gamers at Do a Barrel Roll. She thinks Final Fantasy X has the best storyline ever and she even has two tattoos dedicated to the game. When she isn’t working or studying, you’ll probably find Lindsey reading outside or exploring Ottawa.


Ruth Hobbis

Marketing Associate - Narrative Project

An avid reader and writer, Ruth believes in the power of storytelling to bring people together. She credits The Sims for her induction into the world of gaming and continues to enjoy simulation and role-playing games. When she’s not working, Ruth loves to go on food adventures and explore used bookstores. With DaBR, Ruth strategizes the best ways to get great gamer stories.


Danny Lebire


Université de Montréal alumni in Creative Writing and Cinema, Danny Lebire went from an inspiring screenwriter to a self made web content creator through social media. Curious from
recent years in foreign language books distribution, there is no culture or subject unworthy of an article for him. He currently writes compelling stories on gamers and players alike.


Anthony Israelstam


Anthony fell down the rabbit hole of gaming at an early age. He fell in love with all things DOS gaming, which only pushed him to seek out other consoles whose games also shared a love for imaginative story-telling. Anthony found acceptance in a community that shared his joy for vanquishing that “all-too-difficult” final boss, while also commiserating over just missing 1st place in an all too familiar Kart race.


Liz Andreia Giaretta

Grants Research Associate

Liz Giaretta has worked as an editor and educator for many years building a career in Brazil. She has edited, managed successful educational materials giving and expressive contribution to the education. She has the great passion of working for causes she believes can make the world a better and fair place for all of us.

Her education background includes a Masters in Geography, diplomas in teaching and marketing, a degree in Economics and in the last few years she is dedicating her spare time doing short courses about social enterprise, international project management for charities and grant writing.


Maggie-Mae Lee


Maggie attended the University of Miami where she majored in International Studies and English. She chose these studies because they reminded her of her true passion; virtual worlds. From flying dragons in Azeroth to scouring for ammo in the D.C. Wasteland, Maggie is a sucker for the stories and settings of alternate realms. Her other enthusiasms include consuming overpriced coffee beverages, writing, and traveling. 

Head Shot.jpg

Ben Miller

Digital Projects Officer

Ben is Do a Barrel Roll’s Digital Project Officer, taking charge of all that is 1s and 0s. He is a competitive Super Smash Brothers Melee player and a passionate software developer. He is interested in using technology in innovative ways to help people. Ben likes reading tech books on his Kobo eReader, rock climbing, and basketball.


Eric Longpré

Director of Technical Operations

Eric is technical guru who could talk to you for ten hours about megabytes and CSS. He asks the hard questions for all of our events: do we have enough bandwidth; and, when is the pizza getting here? He lives in Ottawa and on the Radiant side of a DOTA 2 map. 


Mehmet Shah

Director of Finance

Mehmet is a financial professional working in the Toronto tech startup world. He has a life-long love affair with tediously challenging and expansive RPG games, especially their ability to light up the imagination through an immersive journey. For him, it’s all about games that takes countless tries to finally get past that last boss. He attributes the start of his gaming days with  Final Fantasy VII and Diablo 2, and currently loves playing the Dark Souls and Bloodborne franchises.

Photo Val.jpg

Val Villamil

Content Coordinator - Society

Val discovered video games thanks to his mom and has been playing since the Atari was the ultimate toy. He loves the outdoors, sports, and sharing a beer with friends. Right know he is using his journalist powers to investigate the positive effects of gaming.                                                                                                                     


Anita Ly

Content Coordinator - Stories Section (Narrative Project)

Anita is always searching for her next narrative-driven game, with The Legend of Zelda series consistently taking the top spot upon each release. Her first ever gaming console is the Super Nintendo, which she still cherishes to this date whenever she needs a hit of nostalgia. During her spare time, Anita enjoys swimming, reading and watching reality TV. 


Ed Bredin


Edward Bredin studied Physics at the University of Toronto and has always had a passion for video games. While he likes cracking jokes he takes gaming very seriously his favorites being; Pokemon, Zelda, Age of Mythology, and most Square Enix games (except for the really bad port of Chrono Trigger on Steam. SHAME! SHAME!). At DaBR, Ed hunts down, interviews, and writes gamer stories as part of the organisation's Narrative Project.

Kevin King (City Year MLK Day of Service) Photo.jpg

Kevin King

Board Game Outreach Associate

Kevin is a storyteller who enjoys building communities around common interests. He is currently obsessed with playing BrainSpin, Fluster, Convers(ate), and chess when not writing the next great content piece. When he’s not writing or playing board games, Kevin can be found volunteering and attending events in his adopted hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Angela Hanna Goulene


Angela is a French creator and writer with a love and adoration for children and cats. Angela adores storytelling, traditional animation and just anything geeky. She currently resides in Montreal where she spends most of her time writing, designing characters, working on various show projects, watching horror films and cartoons, as well as drawing, writing, singing, gaming, and just binge-watching anime. Her favorite games are Pokemon, Sims, Sonic (up until Sonic Heroes), Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Super Smash Bros BrawlCuphead, and Outlast. She also loves car racing games but they don't seem to love her back.

Amir-Photo (1).jpg

Amir Yani


Amir is a lifelong gamer who currently lives in Mississauga, Ontario. He loves video games with a strong narrative and interesting characters like the BioShock and Witcher series. Amir likes to write reviews to share his thoughts and rankings of the games he plays. During his spare time, Amir enjoys watching football, listening to podcasts and traveling to new cities.

Galen Richardson.png

Galen Richardson

Grant Researcher and Writer

University of British Columbia alumni in Geography, Galen recently drove across Canada to start a new life with his partner Elisha in Ottawa. He loves road biking, pond hockey, and exploring unique digital worlds from the comfort of his home. Some of Galen's favourite games include Nier Automata, Super Smash Bros Melee, Witcher 3, and Titanfall 2.

The Bosses (Board of Directors)

CB Picture .jpg

Caitlin Blacklaws

Caitlin Blacklaws is the Governance & Communications Manager at the Lawson Foundation, a national family foundation that focuses on the health and well-being of children and youth in Canada. Caitlin Blacklaws obtained her Master’s Degree from Saint Mary’s University, in Halifax Nova Scotia, where her research into philanthropy synthesized tenets of international development and business. She believes in the importance of giving back and being involved in community development. Caitlin is well traveled and has a passion for exploring new places. She's engaged to an avid video gamer and will likely never trade any sheep with you in a game of Settlers of Catan.


Liz Headshot.jpg

Liz Harripaul

Liz Harripaul is a superstar professional who works with the City of Toronto's Children's Services, focusing primarily on learning opportunities. She is a graduate of Carleton University in Ottawa. Her least favourite colour is dark mauve, making Grimace the most horrific creature to have ever walked the face of the Earth in her mind. When she's not saving the world, she can be found traveling, organizing wildly successful charitable events, eating bagged popcorn, and playing Words with Friends. Now she can't get Grimace out of her head... great.



Emily Robinson

Emily Robinson, a graduate of both Mount Alison University and Dalhousie University, is a born and bred maritimer. These days, she walks the mean (not really) streets of Canada's capital, Ottawa, often belting out her favourite song in the entire world, Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler. Karaoke, gatherings of friends - it's all Bonnie, all day and all night. Emily is an avid console gamer, but on PlayStation, much to the sadness and dismay of her friends on Xbox. She is currently employed with the Government of Canada.


Get Involved


We are always looking for outstanding people, volunteers, and gamers to help us with our work. Shoot us an email using the “Apply” button below or check out specific opportunities listed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!


Generic Application

Have a great idea? Would you love to volunteer with us but don’t quite see the right fit with our posted opportunities. Use the apply button below to submit a generic application. We consider all submissions!

Other Opportunities

Journalist and Writer

As a Do a Barrel Roll Journalist/Writer, you would be leading our push to tell the stories of gamers often left out of the news. In particular, you would be responsible for the following: Researching and sourcing interviews with gamers; contacting potential interviewees and conducting interviews; working closely with our Content Coordinators to transcribe interviews; writing 1-2 articles per month, profiling or showcasing a gamer and their story; pitching additional content ideas; wditing and submitting copy; and verifying, as required, statements and facts.

Outreach Associate - Twitter

As an Outreach Associate – Twitter, you’ll be assigned the responsibility of managing our outreach efforts on Twitter. The role will require you to build our @DaBROutreach account's feed by subscribing to relevant and useful accounts that will likely offer outreach opportunities – individuals, users, or groups that have tweeted, commented, or contributed to a conversation of relevance to our Narrative project and its themes. It will be your responsibility to reach out to the user or individual to invite them to contribute through direct message.

Outreach Associate - Reddit

As an Outreach Associate – Reddit, you’ll be assigned the responsibility of managing our outreach efforts on Reddit. The position would require you first to identify, organise and subscribe to relevant subreddits in which possible contributions could be sourced. The role will subsequently require you to regularly review these subreddits for outreach opportunities – individuals, users, or groups that have posted, commented, or contributed to a conversation of relevance to our Narrative project and its themes. It will be your responsibility to reach out to the user or individual to invite them to contribute.

Syndication Associate

As our Syndication Associate, you would be supporting our efforts to tell the stories of gamers often left out of the news. In particular, you would be responsible for the following: creating and maintaining a list of possible outlets for manual syndication of articles; register and maintain our syndication platform accounts; cheduling and managing the syndication of our content on manual platforms; contact and follow up with partners for joint publications as applicable and needed; and, other duties as required.

Director of Programming Development (Volunteer)

Do a Barrel Roll is looking to recruit a volunteer Director of Programme Development (DPD). The DPD position is a hybrid. Part of your time will be spent dreaming up new programming and project ideas, and working with our team to make them a reality. Part of your time will be on partnerships, building relationships with the enormous and active game development, policy, and non-profit communities working in this space. Part of your time will be thinking about scaling existing projects.