Brandon's Story - Plus Ultra Ludum

I'm Brandon and I'm a Game Designer. Gaming for me has impacted a large portion of my life. I've discovered a lot about myself through games, I've met friends through games, I've kept friendships through games, I've learned social interactions through games. I met my wife through games. 

From an early age, I was fascinated by the moving pixels on the screens in the arcades, in the homes of my friends and family. I played a lot of Nintendo games but my first real memory of games was when my uncle brought home a Playstation and Tomb Raider. My first time sitting down and booting the game I was blown away. I was exploring caves, I was a different person in this world, I could do so many things not possible in life. It was exciting, it was scary!

From then on, I was hooked and went deep into game magazines, demo discs, and as the internet grew I began to join online communities. Metal Gear, Tenchu, Final Fantasy, and Ragnarok Online are some of my most memorable games, and these games led me to become a developer. I looked up to devs like Hideo Kojima and studied their games. I began to mod, build D&D scenarios, and volunteer for live action role-playing games. 

As games evolved I studied them more and I discovered the ability for games to connect with you on a deeper level. Games that are fun to play but make you think or question the world around you. Games like Silent Hill 2, Nier: Automata, & Soulsborne series. I believe there are many more in this category, but these game called out to me. These games were able to align the player character with the player and break the 4th wall in subtle and impactful ways.

My goal in life is to make games like these. Games that are loved and enjoyed by all, but challenge your beliefs and create emotion. I hope that the players who are passionate about those games create communities and build friendships like I have. Games connect us and can do much more than we can imagine. Plus Ultra Ludum, go beyond the game.