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The Living Character: The Digital Reflection of Your Life

Gaming is one of many entertainment activities in our lives. No matter what you do, your gaming style is always a reflection of who you are. Wars, adventures, sports … regardless of what you play, it will only be your story of success or failure. Just like in the real world, gamers can be divided into a variety of different types---there is the hard-working boy who gives his best, there is the careful observer who follows a secret path, and so on. These may not be the direct evidence of who they are, but a reflection of their attitude towards gaming, or even towards everything else in their life.  As part of our daily life, the way we handle situations and our emotions in gaming may reveal your potential characteristics for success.

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The Utility of E-Sports as Mechanisms for Personal Growth

In this article, Darien explores how gaming can be a productive, engaging, and challenging tool for personal growth for individuals who are goal driven, hard working and looking for competitive, feedback based activity. The skills developed through climbing the ladder of competence in competitive video games are similar to other recreational activities and should be treated as such.

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